Antenna presents Stellar OM Source

Photo: Antenna artwork by 21bis

On Saturday February 16th I’m organizing a party called Antenna at Canvasopde7e in Amsterdam. Antenna is an electronic music night with live shows and dj sets from my favorite artists and friends. For the third edition of the party I asked Stellar OM Source to play a live show. Currently based in Belgium, the artist has a production history dating back to 2005, self releasing homespun synth explorations and appearing on labels such as Olde English Spelling Bee and Digitalis. Those early productions saw the producer, real name Christelle Gualdi, explore technicolour visions of New Age psychedelia inspired by the digital age, with the dreamy chords owing a debt to the machine-driven soul of Detroit techno. These influences have come to the fore in her forthcoming (and much delayed) 12-inch for Rush Hour‘s distribution sub-label; the four tracks on offer combine Gualdi’s penchant for crafting delicious synthesiser melodies with pulsing drum patterns (

Line up for Antenna on February 16th 2013: Stellar Om Source (live), Eelco Courvreur, Max Cole and myself, Bas B. Entrance only 10 euros.

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