Job description: Head of Marketing & Communications (edititions 2016 / 2015 / 2014)

Rewire is an annual international festival for adventurous music. The festival offers a world class programme featuring more than 100 concerts, multidisciplinary performances, screenings, talks and workshops. Rewire takes place at multiple venues across the city centre of The Hague (The Netherlands). Venues differ from churches, old factories and abandonded spaces to the more institutional theatres and pop venues.

“Entertainment is obviously key to Rewire, and these playful peaks were commendable, but the festival seeks to impart so much more. The festival also aims for inspiration, education and challenges, all of which were delivered in spades.” – Resident Advisor

Rewire 2016 aftermovie from Rewire on Vimeo.

Rewire 2015 impression from Rewire on Vimeo.

Rewire 2014 short documentary from Rewire on Vimeo.